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"I ain't got no culture, nothing. Dirty words, but that don't count."
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well at least i got a fancy new haircut
Sick in bed watching True Detective and Carnivale.
the best time of year is the zero degree time of year; skulking about in velvet pants and a cocooned head is more readily justified with the cold weather.
i woke up 5 times today from dreams in which i thought i already woke up and had a sort of groundhog day scenario each time with different stressful and realistic situations. when i finally got out of bed i still couldn’t tell if i was actually awake.
today is the last day of paper writing, hopefully for a long time.
hopefully i never have to write for another fucking university class ever again after today.
because i’m totally and completely burnt out after 5 years of this bullshit.
yes hello welcome to my humble abode.

Pretty much sums up my afternoon in the American art wing at the Met today.

me: *digs through 50 black shirts to find specific one*

it’s fall.

Our wedding today!!!

sepia is good for home sick apprehensive glamor shots
I found my favorite shirt and a clip in nose ring.
phila. summer
in all honesty my lady forced me to start getting juice boxes if i insisted on buying orange juice because i’d open a container and then forget to drink it within the one or two weeks before spoilage.
because i’m a child.