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channeling hermione granger september at hogwarts realness
—also hot coffee, warm sweaters, and procedural dramas on netflix
Perf make up today totally not wasted on the 8 hrs alone in a humid basement with my cockroach minions.
First new pair of shoes since my wedding.
happy july fourth from your neighborhood beatnik. it’s one of my rare days off and i need to start packing up Stormfield. after four years of living here, we’ve finally been given the boot and now i have to fit this place in some cardboard boxes and learn the eccentricities of a new neighborhood. this became my first home, this is the first place that took my sentiment after my childhood home. it was named after Mark Twain’s house in our hometown actually (my cat’s name is [Sam] Clemens). i know it’s creaks, my neighbors, the origin of echos that bounce down the block. i’m not one to be sentimental but jesus i’m probably going to cry when it’s all said and done. there will be a mourning. working 7 days/week makes this more stressful than it should be and the heat is making it nearly unbearable.
new glasses, same bitch face
lana del rey on repeat in the background
#latergram of my dopey face and a giant bronze hare at the #brandywine river museum.
Obligatory Andrew Wyeth studio selfie.
i took this photo of myself about 4 months ago in the midst of my desperate job search when i couldn’t find any professional enough/smiling pictures for a linkedin account.
naturally i didn’t use it after i realized an attempt at a grin never materialized on my fucking face.
that being said: bitchin nouveau noir lighting for a fucking selfie.
an attempt at positive sociability just looks like protracted judgement on me
well at least i got a fancy new haircut
Sick in bed watching True Detective and Carnivale.
the best time of year is the zero degree time of year; skulking about in velvet pants and a cocooned head is more readily justified with the cold weather.
i woke up 5 times today from dreams in which i thought i already woke up and had a sort of groundhog day scenario each time with different stressful and realistic situations. when i finally got out of bed i still couldn’t tell if i was actually awake.
today is the last day of paper writing, hopefully for a long time.
hopefully i never have to write for another fucking university class ever again after today.
because i’m totally and completely burnt out after 5 years of this bullshit.