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"I ain't got no culture, nothing. Dirty words, but that don't count."
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Doodles by William Begg, a sailor on the ship Tenedos, who kept this log during his stint in the Naval battles of the War of 1812. Apparently, he was trying to learn anatomy in his down time!

Check out the rest of Begg’s “illustrated” journal here on our Digital Library.

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"Beauty is the purgation of superfluties."

- Michelangelo (via tierradentro)

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i like being complimented on my eyebrows and on my oral sex techniques 

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A view of Washington, D.C. from the intersection of 3rd and Indiana Avenue, ca. 1863. In the foreground is Trinity Episcopal Church, in the background, the unfinished Capitol building.


Film as Art. Film Clip #18088 - Barbe bleu (Pathé, 1907)

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Demonstration with Mme Alberti’s flying contraption, 1931
Leslie Jones

Hand grasping a beautiful young woman’s long, dark hair. c1910
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Kawahara Keiga, Mermaid

Jean-Jacques Henner - Woman on a Black Sofa (1865)

"Many people need desperately to receive this message:
I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. You are not alone."

- Kurt Vonnegut (via archatlas)


Edgar Ende. 

Alphons Mucha - La Mort de la fiancée d’Hasanaga (1899)

Edwin Dickinson, Frances Foley 1927



Bumble Bee

such perfection

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Detail of Amore piange sulla tomba di Psiche (2013), Roberto Ferri.

Check out the updated online gallery of Roberto Ferri's new paintings here.