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"I ain't got no culture, nothing. Dirty words, but that don't count."
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Isabelle Vialle - Le guide

Excuse me if you don’t watch The Knick for anything else watch it for its amazing soundtrack.

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AVEN 2014 Survey | The Asexual Visibility and Education Network | asexuality.org

The Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) is performing a large-scale survey.

We are looking for any respondents who are part of the asexual spectrum, as well as people who are not part of the asexual spectrum. This survey includes some sensitive questions about sexual topics. Please distribute this announcement.

The survey is open for some time. Later, statistical results will be published, providing crucial information about the demographics and needs of asexual-spectrum people.

The survey can be accessed here.

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back in Phila; autumnal beatnik status: x1000%


Twilight in the Cedars at Darien, Connecticut - John Frederick Kensett 

Edvard Munch, Self-Portrait in Hell, 1903

Portrait of a Young Woman by Lorenzo di Credi
c.1490-1500 MET

Aleksey Savrasov (1830-1897), Soir. Migration des Oiseaux - 1874

Aleksey Savrasov (1830-1897), Paysage au Clair de Lune avec Feu de Camp - 1880/90

James Ensor (Belgian, 1860-1949), Autoportrait, 1937. Panel, 18.5 x 17 cm.

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Bartolomé Bermejo, Descent of Christ into Limbo, c. 1475. Museu Nacional D’Art de Catalunya. Seal kneel. (via annaeder). Source miscellaneous-art

Jean-Baptiste Monge: Spelling Witch.

Elbstrand im Schnee, 1898, Theodor (1868-1943) and Oskar Hofmeister (1871-1937).

Moonlight and Frost, 1890-92, Alexander Helwig Wyant