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Francisco Salzillo y Alcaraz (1707-1783)
Santa Teresa of Avila
c. 1750

"In one generation, working for free for people who can pay you went from something laughable, to something wealthy people were doing in a few fields, to something everyone was recommended to do, to something almost everyone has to do. Entry-level jobs were replaced with unpaid internships. That same monopoly on opportunity reshaped lower-skill labor. Jobs that once offered on-site training now require college degrees. In response, universities ramp up tuition, knowing that students have little choice but to pay to compete. Instead of options, there is one path to professional success — one exorbitantly expensive path."


At PolicyMic, Sarah Kendzior explains why you should never ever take an unpaid internship (but you will nonetheless because you have no choice). (via tarot-sybarite)

This topic is endlessly interesting to me, as a nonprofit manager, which is why I once wrote a billion words about it…

(via facebooksexism)

(via violenceandscience)


Vampire by Edvard Munch

 Love and Death, 1881, oil on canvas by Reina Calcedonio, Italian, 1842-1911.
  Surrounded by coffins and mummified corpses in the Capuchin Catacombs in Palermo this couple finds a moment for love.
  Calcedonio turned from medicine to art and studied with Domenico Morelli as well as in Rome and Florence. This painting is in the Museo del Castello Ursino, Palermo, Italy.


My fourth posting from a renowned set of nude studies, this trio of powerfully built men were photographed in around 1900 and have found an astonishing but quite quite well-deserved fame over a century later.(Specially selected for the viewing pleasure of my friend B. who maintains - quite erroneously, I believe - that I do not post enough butts. I hope you are happy now!)


This has nothing to do with history, but I thought maybe some of you can help with my desperate candy search. So, growing up in the woods, I have this intense love and nostalgia for anything pine. Because I live in the city, pine sap collection is hampered and pine candy making experiments not really an option. The resulting fruitless search for pine flavored anything was dismaying.
That being said, I was recently suggested this Korean candy, Melland Pine Needles, but can’t seem to find it in my local oriental market, let alone online.
Any of you seen this around? If yes,  message me !
*bonus: I’m totally into that fancy pine flavored drink as well.

Can I add that I will pay handsomely for this?!

Bibliothèque nationale de France, département Bibliothèque-musée de l’opéra. Paul Lormier (1813-1895), ‘Infernal apparition’ from Le violon du diable : quatorze maquettes de costumes (1848)

Georges Victor-Hugo

tom thomson

Heinrich Petersen-Angeln im Atelier, 1878, Hans Hermann. Germany (1858 - 1942)

Volto femminile reclinato - Cesare Laurenti

The Fog Warning, Winslow Homer, 1885, oil on canvas
‘“The Fog Warning” is one of a series in which the artist depicted the difficult lives of New England sailors and their families…He looks at the horizon and realizes that he is far from his mother ship in increasingly ominous weather…Homer does not specify the fisherman’s fate, leaving the viewer to wonder if he survives the storm with his catch intact.” Google Art Project


Magdalena Penitente Francisco de Zurbaran 17th Century