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"I ain't got no culture, nothing. Dirty words, but that don't count."
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Wolf Suschitzky, East End, London, 1934

“They have crappy jobs, bad apartments with terrible roommates who have even more terrible boyfriends, and almost no money. What they do have is each other, and the creativity that comes with their presumed liberal arts degrees to embrace whatever situation they find themselves in. It’s far more entertaining—and, let’s be honest, realistic—than most recent television and film portrayals of young women. They’re not obsessed with jumpstarting their confusingly trendy cupcake business, like on Two Broke Girls, or trying to get/stay famous in a glamorous big city like on pretty much every reality show. Their lives kind of suck, and they need to do something to distract themselves. Every day.”-Stephanie Butnick, Tablet Magazine

Aerial photography of saltworks in Niger by George Steinmetz (!!!!)

no but seriously every New England native I’ve ever met who’s been “into the Cali culture” and “dreams of the west coast” has been the biggest falsest piece of shit of a person.



Esther Scroll, Ancona, early 18th century

This scroll is a beautiful example of the particular style of decoration that flourished in the Italian towns of Ancona and Lugo in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Artists in these towns specialized in a laborious technique whereby the parchment was cut away to create an intricately patterned frame for the text that reminds us of the beautiful lace used in fashions of that period. This elaborate technique was employed to adorn megillot, ketubbot and a variety of Judaica objects. Only a few such Italian cut-out parchment scrolls remain today.


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National Portrait Gallery -The Three Witches from Macbeth (Elizabeth Lamb, Viscountess Melbourne; Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire; Anne Seymour Damer
by Daniel Gardnergouache and chalk, 177537 in. x 31 1/8 in. (940 mm x 790 mm)

"I dunno, just laying face down on the couch and waiting for some baby boomers to die, I guess"

- Millennials, when asked about plans for the future (via alwaysfaithfulterriblelizard)

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Mat Collishaw



C-type photo on dibond

these are incredible…


Arranged Diatoms on Microscope Slides in the California Academy of Sciences Diatom Collection by california academy of sciences geology on Flickr.


Mongolian Girls continuing the 6000-year-old tradition

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Andrew Davidson has produced a beautifully detailed set of hand engraved illustrations for the cover of adult editions of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter novels.
Davidson was commissioned by Bloomsbury, who will publish the series and Webb & Webb, who are designing the covers.  Available in September.


Lana Del Rey vs. Kanye West

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Louis Sullivan, Carson Pirie Scott Building, Chicago, 1899
"The plant organism derives its impulse from the Seed-Germ, and in its growth develops sub-centers of further growth. The seed-germ may thus be considered also as a container of energy, forming of its own will sub-centers of energy in the course of its functioning development toward the finality of its characteristic form - the expression of its identity."
— Louis Sullivan, 1922

The Hardy Tree In the churchyard of St Pancras Old Church in London, hundreds of old gravestones circle an ash tree. In the 1860’s an older part of the churchyard was designated to make way for a new railway line. Coffins were removed with care and reburied elsewhere. Some of the headstones were placed in a circular pattern around a young ash tree in the churchyard. Over the decades the tree has, inevitably grown and parts of the headstones nearest the tree have disappeared in to its growth.

Bolaji Badejo who played the alien creature in the film Alien, England, 1978. Photographed by Eve Arnold.
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